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Welcome to Veeps

Veeps provides dedicated and cloud hosting solutions that are fully managed - with scalable, fast, secure, performance-tuned configurations to support your applications.

With 16 years hosting experience, the Veeps team understands just how applications and infrastructure need to work together to get the best results.

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Website hosting

We make hosting your website easy with our fully managed hosting services. We'll quickly install and deploy popular applications such as Adobe Marketing Cloud (AEM), Mura CMS, SiteCore, WordPress, Joomla, Moodle and Drupal, amongst many others.

If you have a bespoke application, our team will design a specialised hosting solution to ensure the best performance.

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eCommerce hosting

The success of your eCommerce site is highly dependent on speed. Whether Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Slatwall or another ecommerce platform - our team has the experience to tune your site for maximum performance and sales.

We specialise in Adobe Commerce / Magento hosting (Magento 1 and Magento 2) and have Adobe Commerce / Magento certified technicians to deliver your Community or Enterprise sites.

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Why our customers love Veeps

So easy to deal with and very customer focused. We highly recommend Veeps.
Shane Ball
Managing Director
Precision Strata

Fast, reliable hosting and a pro-active team that give us a great deal of confidence.
David GoudieManaging Director
Terry Rich

We pay 30% of what we used to pay, our website runs like a Ferrari and the Veeps team fixes any problems FAST.
Sandradee MakejevSt Frock

Never been more than a phone call away, it's the way your team handles problems that makes your service different.
Jakob NaumannManager
2nd's World

Our services
Cloud Hosting

Veeps provides premiere, public-facing cloud service from our Australian and global data centres, each with a different role to play in delivering blazingly fast, redundant and secure services.

We can meet nearly any infrastructure requirement, from securely tunnelling traffic to and from your internal systems, providing dial in VPN services for remote users, advanced load balancing and SSL/TLS offload facilities and almost unlimited scalability with network, storage and CPU power on tap to custom engineer a solution suited to your business requirements.

We can extend and integrate our offering using cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Azure or Rackspace to deliver solutions that function as an integrated, fully managed service - maintaining operating system and applications, ensuring appropriate security precautions are in place (such as intrusion detection) and providing comprehensive monitoring and robust backups.

Managed Hosting

Whether you choose a dedicated or cloud based solution, our fully managed hosting provides everything you need for complete peace-of-mind.

From monitoring and backups to patching and security updates, we're always on top of security to keep your data safe - proactively fixing issues before you even know they're there.


We sell and implement SSL Certificates to encrypt and protect your sensitive data, tested independently to an "A" Grade standard by SSL Labs (Qualys Labs).

Our Configuration Management approach ensures this rating is maintained across all of the machines we host and manage.

Dedicated Hosting

Our dedicated hosting is for mission-critical applications that require the performance, security and control.

Physical hardware servers can be securely located within the Veeps data centres and your preferred application hosting stack integrated to guarantee the availability of hardware resources when you need them.


We've got your back with comprehensive automated site monitoring - and engineers on call 24/7 to respond. We have triggers set up for key system metrics such as CPU usage, system load, memory and disk utilisation.

We include monitoring keywords within your URL to ensure pages are available to the internet. If you need advanced application level debug tracing we can provide that via New Relic upon request.


We take security seriously. Very seriously. For the technically inclined, this means we employ upstream network provider based protection against denial of service attacks (DoS), including distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

We provide managed firewall implementations including host based software firewalls and upstream dedicated high-availability firewalls with context based virtual firewall configuration as needed. SSL/TLS implementation for key services such as HTTP and SMTP are tested to an "A" Grade standard.

High security encryption is used where appropriate: disk encryption, password hashing, database encryption and backups. We also use Tier III standard data centres.


Included by default in all hosting plans are daily backups of key configuration files, website code and databases.

Recommended additions to this are full virtual machine backups within the same data centre to alternative storage, ensuring 'click button' recovery in the unlikely event of a storage array failure.

Configuration Management

Our configuration management tools ensure key system tuning parameters remain optimised for the underlying hosting resources.

This technology also reduces the risk of configuration drift between our hosted machines and allows us to rapidly deploy security patches or improved functionality. All of which means faster issue resolution and more uptime for your site.

Disaster Recovery

Complimentary DNS hosting is included in all our hosting packages.

We use the class leading Route 53 solution from Amazon Web Services, which offers the potential to leverage advanced features such as geolocated targeting, health checks and automatic fail-over.


Our hosting solutions leverage best in breed technology to ensure we can deliver the best performance, because we believe it's critical. If you're not technically minded, that's probably all you need to know.

If you're looking for the details, we use features such as SSD SAN storage, 10Gps speed storage networks and optimised database configurations - including high-availability clusters and self healing virtualisation hypervisors that recover automatically from hardware failure.

We also provide strategic advice and consulting on application optimisation and solution scaling.


Our team are available around the clock, proactively monitoring and fixing problems before you even know they're there.

We only have highly experienced, expert engineers on staff who communicate directly with you to resolve your problems immediately - you won't be struggling through first, second and third line support to get some attention.

Partner Program

You've invested heavily in creating and developing the best online experiences. Partner with an organisation of specialists that apply the same care and best-of-breed thinking to the server layer, and make sure those experiences are as good as they can be – served reliably and served fast.

Solutions Partner

Digital and advertising agencies looking for a great-value hosting partner; you're in the right place.

Customer satisfaction lies at the core of Veeps. We'll provide you with advice and work with you to deliver the right hosting configuration.

Veeps hosting can provide you with a great annuity stream on an ongoing basis.

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Industry Partner

We pride ourselves on finding ourselves recommended simply because we do a great job and deliver; every time. But if you’re connected and sending regular business to us, we want to reward you for it.

Contact us and ask about our Industry Partner Program.

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Some of the technologies we work with

Peace of Mind

If you're looking for peace of mind in choosing a hosting partner, you might be interested to know Veeps is a certified Australian 'All of Government' hosting provider.

We work with:

Australian Parliament House
Department of Education Queensland
The National Gallery of Australia
Victorian Department of Education

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